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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 22nd Morning Carelink

October 22

I had the privilege of sharing with all of you about the Take it Home classes we do at FirstMB.  I will do my best to summarize here:

Faith at Home is an old idea that is being refreshed in churches all over the world.  The book Faith Begins at Home by Mark Holmen lays out the idea of living out our faith all week long and not just on Sundays.  While this book speaks to parents about helping their children grow in faith, it also speaks to the church and to the Christian person about how important it is to live our faith daily. 

We start with child dedication classes at FirstMB, that line out for parents how important it is to train your children in Christ.  At the dedication each child receives a Faith Chest to keep a collection of all the materials that are given in the Faith at Home classes in the years to come. The idea is that once a child leaves the home they will have a chest of faith tools to take with them into adulthood and pass on to their children.

At FirstMB we have taken a series of classes lined out by Mark Holmen and his team that are called Take it Home classes.  These classes are designed to be taught at various age levels in Kids Sunday School appropriate to the child's learning/faith level.  Parents are asked to come with their child and talk about different faith skills that help a child and a family live their faith at home all week long. 

The classes we offer currently are as follows:

18 Month/Beginners

Topic: Blessings (parents are given a framed blessing to hang on child's wall)

The power of words, what the Bible says about speaking a blessing over a child.

2 Year Olds

Topic:  Devotions (children are given a child's Bible, parents a devotion booklet)

How to start a time of family devotions or family worship at home.

3 Year Olds

Topic:  The Church (parents are given a book on parenting and church, as well as some ideas for training children in worship service)

A lesson on the place the Church holds for a family.  An interactive tour of the building for parent and child.


Topic: Jesus/Salvation (TBD)

Jesus asks us to follow him, but what does that mean?  Kids and parents talk about what it means to live for Jesus!


Topic:  Prayer (parents are given a prayer booklet, children are given some prayer cards_

A lesson in developing a regular family prayer time.

1st Grade

Topic:  Bibles (children are presented with the NIV version of the Bible)

Knowing God’s word starts with reading the Bible.  Join us as First MB gifts each 1st grader with a Bible of their own.

2nd Grade

Topic: Service (parents are given some verses and ideas on how to serve as a family)

A lesson in showing God’s love to others and practical ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

3rd Grade

Topic:  Family Worship (various take home ideas of worshiping together at home)

How to keep family worship alive at home as schedules are busy and homework needs to be done.

4th Grade

Topic: Finances (children take home a Jesus Jar for saving their tithe, parents get a list of helpful resources and verses)

Parents and children learn what the Bible has to say about money.  Helping set financial guidelines that are pleasing to God.  

Thank you for letting me share my passion for growing kids in Jesus!  I hope this helps you understand better why we do what we do at our church. 

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