Mom's Carelink is a ministry of First MB Church that provides encouragement, friendship and wisdom from a Biblical perspective to equip women for their role as mothers of children from birth through the school years.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Schedule

You can find our summer schedule of play dates on our facebook page at

Our normal program year runs along with the school year. From Sept-May, we have twice-monthly morning meetings with childcare and brunch for the Morning Carelink group. And we have monthly evening meetings with childcare and snacks for the Evening Carelink group.

But then we all need a break, so we cancel those meetings in June, July & August and opt for family friendly activities a couple times a month. Things moms can do with their kids - the zoo, Wichita Children's Theater, Family Ice Cream Social, etc.

So, check out the list of activities in the Events section of our Facebook page.

Hope to see you around this summer!
Mom's Carelink Team

1 comment:

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