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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dermatology 101 (Evening C.L. Mtg 4/9/13)

Angie E. shared with us the Proverbs 31 devotion from April 8, 2013.  It was a gentle reminder about how powerful our words and actions are to those around us.  She shared about how we can use the opportunities that God has provided to each of us with our children to plant a seed.  We should be lifting them up and encouraging daily.  A reminder to hold our tongue so that our words are not bitter or dishonoring to God.  But, instead, to use words that are pleasing to God. 
Shanna S. entertained us with a graphic slide-show of common dermatology-thingy-majigs ailments.  After ignoring all the big words and just focusing on making myself paranoid about what new skin cancer I may have, skin disease/disorder my children may have or flesh eating bacteria that might be looming under fingernails, I was able to take a few breaths and take away some valuable information. 
First:  Do Not Fake Bake… I didn’t say this, Ms. PA Shanna did… then she had some alarming statistics about your chances of getting melanoma if you just fake bake ONCE in your life. 
Also she encouraged us all to schedule at least one appointment with a dermatologist.  They would be happy to look at you from head to toes and in all the crevasses in between to give you a baseline and address any concerns you have.
Ms. PA Shanna has indicated that we should be careful not to Google-diagnose ourselves and to leave this up to the professionals, but sometimes, Google-diagnosing is fun! These are some of the things we discussed:
angioma - a benign tumor in the skin, which is made up of blood or lymph vessels.
basal cell carcinoma - the most common form of skin cancer; characterized by small, shiny,
     raised bumps on the skin that may bleed.
cold sore - small blisters around and in the mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus.
dermatofibroma - small, red or brown bumps in the skin.
dermis - the middle layer of skin, which is made up of blood vessels, lymph vessels, hair
     follicles, sweat glands, collagen bundles, and fibroblasts.
epidermis - the outermost layer of skin.
erysipelas - a bacterial skin infection that usually affects the arms, legs, or face,
     characterized by shiny, red areas, small blisters, and swollen lymph nodes.
erythema multiforme - a skin condition characterized by symmetrical, red, raised skin areas
     all over the body.
erythema nodosum - a skin condition characterized by red bumps that usually appear on the
erythrasma - a skin infection of the top layer of skin characterized by irregular pink patches
     that turn to brown scales.
hirsutism - excessive hairiness.  She didn’t talk about this one…. But I liked it and thought I
     should add it. 
impetigo - a bacterial skin infection characterized by microscopic, pus-filled blisters.
keloids - smooth, pink, raised, firm, fibrous growths on the skin that form secondary to injury.
keratinocytes (Also called squamous cells.) - the primary cell types found in the epidermis,
     the outer layer of skin.
keratosis pilaris - a common skin condition characterized by small, pointed bumps,
     especially on the back and sides of the upper arms.  
malignant melanoma - a rare, but sometimes deadly, skin cancer that begins as a mole that
     turns cancerous.
paronychia - a skin infection around a finger or toenail.  I thought that this was really a
     paranoid chin…
psoriasis - a chronic skin condition characterized by inflamed, red, raised areas that develop
     silvery scales.
pyogenic granuloma - red, brown, or bluish-black raised marks caused by excessive growth
     of capillaries.
ringworm - a fungal skin infection characterized by ring-shaped, red, scaly, or blistery
scabies - an infestation of mites in the skin characterized by small pimples that itch.
seborrheic keratosis - flesh-colored, yellow, brown, or black wart-like spots.
skin tags - soft, small, flesh-colored skin flaps on the neck, armpits, or groin.
squamous cell carcinoma - a form of skin cancer that affects about 20 percent of patients   
     with skin cancer. This highly treatable cancer is characterized by red, scaly skin that
     becomes an open sore.
tinea versicolor - a common fungal skin infection characterized by white or light brown
     patches on the skin.
vitiligo - smooth, white patches in the skin caused by the loss of pigment-producing cells.

We broke off into our small groups and shared with each other our own personal ooey, oozes and gooeys while Shanna walked around the room playing derm-PA.  It was a lot of fun…in a gross way :0) 

April 23, 2013 – Dinner/Gelato at Café Moderne – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. – no childcare.  (a little
          Kendra tip - if you hold your tongue you can say Café Moderne correctly)
May 14, 2013 – Summary Reading for Kids/Summer Survival Guide 
June 1, 2013 – Family Ice Cream Social – FMBC playground. 

Your Evening Carelink Blogger (ECB) – Kendra R.

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