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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cleaning Tips from a Professional (Morning C.L. 4/9/13)

Last week, Morning Carelink had the joy of listening to LaVon Friesen share some great tricks to quick, easy and affordable cleaning. She's had a cleaning business in the past and is currently launching a new business helping people de-clutter their homes. So, if you need her contact information, look her up in the First MB Directory (or ask a friend who has one).

I thought it was so sweet how LaVon teared-up when she was introducing herself and shared about her experience helping get Carelink started in 1981! It still holds a special place in her heart today. I wonder if we'll look back on these years in Carelink with the same fond memories! I sure hope so!

Back to the cleaning...LaVon spoke on cleaning, being organized and de-cluttering, so I'm just going to list a few tips she shared in each of these areas. Hope it helps!

  • Cloth diapers work great as cleaning rags - especially when you find them cheap at garage sales.
  • Palmolive (brand specific here!) works on many stains. Put a tiny dab on your clothing stain with a generous amount of water and then soak it for a while.
  • Other products she likes: Pledge, Windex, Bar Keepers Friend, Scrubbing Bubbles.
  • Spray some Pledge on a towel and wipe down your shower, sinks and countertops. It leaves a thin film which helps to keep the gunk off.
  • To clean your garbage disposal, pour some Palmolive down your drain then with the water on a trickle dump lots of ice down the disposal.
  • Consider having certain chores assigned to certain days: Tuesdays are floors, Wednesdays are bathrooms. Have index cards for each month of the year with "extra" cleaning items that don't have to be done regularly: spring cleaning, window washing, fans & baseboards. Then check your cards to remember.

  • Everything needs a place or it collects where it shouldn't and you don't know where to put it when you have time to take care of it.
  • Make a 10-minute family game out of picking up the house before bedtime. They called it "put away the day" then they'd read one more book or play a quick game afterwards. Always tried to make it a happy time.
  • Lay out clothes the night before.
  • Car Rule: anything you bring into the car, you take out of the car when we get back home again.
  • Laundry: only start a load if you can finish it - and that means folding and putting away, otherwise you end up with piles of dread always waiting for you and no clean socks to wear :-)

  • Take one room at a time. One closet. One drawer. Especially if it feels overwhelming to you.
  • Keep a long flat plastic tote under each child's bed from the time they are born until about preschool to toss special items into. You don't have much time in these years, but want to find the special things at some point, so keep them all together in a place that's easy to add to it.
  • You can't keep everything: school papers, toys, special clothes. Find a method that works for you. Keep a semester of papers then go through them. Or ask the kids to pick their favorites. Limit your clothes or toys to one tote - or something reasonable.

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