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Friday, November 16, 2012

$5 DIY Gift Ideas (Morning C.L. Mtg)

What a fun morning we had this week!

We started off as usual - visiting, brunch, fabulous door prizes & announcements. Dene shared the devotional this week. She took a risk and ventured away from the Proverbs 31 devos to share thoughts from her own life story and it was wonderful! I'll take a personal story of how God has worked in your life over reading a devo any day! Many years, we've had women share their testimonies and those have always been SO powerful. Dene, thanks again, for sharing and encouraging us to be thankful in the MANY little things God does for us each day.

We had a handout with the directions and pictures of all the ideas we gathered from everyone for inexpensive AND easy-to-do gift ideas. We had so many cute and fun ideas. I just wish I had the time to try making several of them. Here are a few highlights:
  1. Personalize a clear glass jar with flower cut-outs and rub-ons. Fill with candy & insert a gift card. Perfect for a teacher gift, friend or office party.
  2. Buy a short "fat" candle and decorate the outside. Our idea: with cinnamon sticks purchased in a big bag in the craft section. Hot glue them on then tie some raffia or string around it. Another idea tossed out at the meeting was to hot glue crayons or pencils around the outside for a teacher gift.
  3. Make your own body scrub. It takes about six ingredients - all from the cooking isle of your favorite grocery store. Package it in canning jars. Put a cute tag on it and it's a perfect little gift that isn't left "sitting" around all year.
  4. Mod podge your favorite photo onto a canvas. Print the picture on regular typing paper then use the mod podge as glue to adhere the picture, then mod podge a few coats over the top to finish it out. Wrap the photos around the edges or finish the edges with scrapbook paper, ribbon or paint.
  5. Make t-shirt scarves. Super easy. All you need is a BIG t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Refer to our handout for details on how to cut the t-shirt to make one of three different scarves. Add bling!
  6. Christmas Card Clips. Decorate clothespins with scrapbook paper and fun buttons/sticker/etc. Package a set with a ribbon and directions to tell the recipient to hang the ribbon on the wall, door or mantle and clip Christmas cards with the clothespins to the ribbon.
It was a fun morning. At one point, I paused what I was doing to look around the room. Everyone talking and laughing while cutting out their scarves. Asking questions and helping each other out. I know not everyone gets excited about our craft mornings, but I think it's fun to have a different feel to the meetings once in a while. Being able to visit with some different ladies, not having to pay attention to a speaker and then go home feeling like we have ten more things to work on doing better - that's what makes these mornings special in my book :-)

Thanks for being such a fun group to serve!

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