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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ever spend all week looking forward to Saturday only to have it turn out rather sour-day? It starts with the toddler out of bed at 5am. A baby that should have slept through the night, but didn't. A honey-do list for the hubby that does nothing to lift his spirits. Add in your kid's friend's birthday party, and the gift you still have to buy, plus the grocery shopping and whatever other errands that must be done.

No surprise the day heads south in a hurry.

I read an article in Parent's September 2012 issue that gave words to this phenomenon :-) And some advice to stop the cycle.

I've seen it happen in my house. Bob and I get to bed late because we've watched a movie. Then our hopes to sleep in are thwarted by any child living in the house who's under the age of fifteen. Follow that by a flurry of activity, because though I didn't get to "sleep in" I still wasted enough time in bed to make for a late start to the first ball game or activity planned for the day. Add in my expectations for things to get done (that I've failed to share with my husband, yet somehow expect him to know)...add in your own other issues here...Oh, I hope I'm not the only one! And yet, I don't wish it on any of you ;-)

Tips from the article to avoid "Sad-turday":
  • Be reasonable with your "down time" on Friday night. Only watch one movie instead of three.
  • Learn to say "no". Kids don't have to attend every birthday party they are invited to or be involved in every activity. They may even prefer being at home more. Rethink your yes's, too.
  • If you are used to an overscheduled Saturday and really scale it back, don't be surprised if that presents some challenges at first, too. We get used to being overstimulated and always on the go.
  • Do more during the week. Lighten the Saturday load by taking care of a few chores during the week.
One of the best things Bob and I do (too bad we don't do it every weekend!) is to talk on Friday evening about what we each want to get done and what's planned for the next day. Then we're both on the same page come morning.


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