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Monday, October 29, 2012

Integrity - Even When No One Is Looking

Micah was standing over my shoulder this evening as I began reading the Proverbs 31 devo from today titled, A Sparkling Confession. I kept expecting the author to switch from her story as a five year old to a more "adult theme", but she didn't. It was a fitting story and lesson for me as well as my 7 & 9 year olds.

It also brought back a memory of my own. I was probably six and had begged my mom to buy me this cute little eraser at the children's store we had been in. She said no, so I quietly snuck it into my pocket. Apparently that precious little, can't-live-without-it item was quickly forgotten because the next time I saw it, my mom had pulled it out of the washing machine a few days later. (I'm sure there's a lesson there about how desperate we are to have certain "things" only to lose interest in them and be on to the next thing!)

Guess where we went the next time I got to go to town? That cute little children's shop to apologize for stealing the eraser and return it to the sales clerk. I think that memory will remain with me forever. And I'm thankful for the lesson my mom taught me that day. I'm also fully expecting to have to do the same some day :-)

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