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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sharing Too Much

I ran across this article from Thriving Family today via Facebook. Thriving Family is a free magazine published by Focus on the Family. The article, Sharing Too Much, cautions wives about badmouthing their husbands. (Click the link to read the short article.)

No doubt, we've all had moments in our marriages where we were frustrated with our husbands. Or times when our husbands were truly being unreasonable. The convicting point for me in this article is the fact that when we voice our issues to our friends, parents or others, it negatively impacts their opinions of our husbands. If we regularly point out our spouse's faults and rarely share his good qualities, then others have little reason to think highly of our husbands.

Some may say we should never say a negative word about our husbands. Others will say we have to have an outlet for our feelings and frustrations and a trusted friend is the only one who needs to hear it. I'd like to think we could take our complaints to God in prayer and refrain from sharing them with others. God certainly knows our husbands have a few complaints of their own regarding us and I'd sure be thankful if he could keep those between him and God!

I really like her final three questions to check ourselves on our badmouthing: 1-would I want him saying these things about me; 2-would I say them with him standing next to me; 3-does the person listening know us well enough to know I have faults, too.

Bottom line... I hope we all take to heart the lack of respect we demonstrate towards our husbands when we start complaining about them. And that we'd think twice before we speak.

As Thumper said, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say nothing at all."

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