Mom's Carelink is a ministry of First MB Church that provides encouragement, friendship and wisdom from a Biblical perspective to equip women for their role as mothers of children from birth through the school years.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Morning Carelink First Meeting (9/11)

The first meeting of the year doesn't seem to change much in form, but the faces certainly do! Welcome to all the women who attended the meeting on Tuesday!

Pastor Brent spent a few minutes with us and spoke about five key things to teach our kids. I think we all agreed with his list. The question becomes, "HOW do we teach these things to our kids?" Talking about it is good, but obviously we need to be LIVING these things out for them to take root in our children. I have an AWESOME graphic below that illustrates Brent's 5 Things. I'm guessing Linda L. just whipped this out in no time at all :-) Thanks for sharing it with us!

Time was spent introducing the Carelink team members, small group leaders and mentor moms. Susie MADE some amazing door prizes to give away! We also reviewed the packet of information given to each mom. Highlights on that include:
  • Sign up for emailed devotions from Proverbs 31 Ministries @
  • Sign up for blog articles to be emailed directly to you when posted (or read them @)
  • Check out upcoming speakers and topics on the sidebar of the blog or in your packet.
  • Be sure your child's "stuff" is labeled and that they were shoes/socks & bring jackets to play outside if the weather is pleasant.
  • Find out when your group is bringing brunch on the Brunch Schedule.
We ended the morning with Speed Friendship. We picked five questions and had just a minute to share with a partner before swapping turns. It's quick and LOUD! Maybe next year we should spread the pairs out all over the room so you have a little space between each other...maybe then you'd be able to hear all of what your partner is saying!

We dismissed so women could get their pictures taken for the pictorial directory. Thanks to Kristin W. for loaning us her talent and time to take these snapshots. Expect to have a directory in your hands in October.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, September 15th: 6-8pm @ First MB Church. Outdoor Family Potluck.
Tuesday, September 25th: 9:15am Morning Carelink Meeting:
Finding Your Style, Stephanie Roth.

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