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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Casting Vision - for Our Children

I recently "liked" a new facebook page titled, "The Better Mom". I've enjoyed several of their articles lately and wanted to share this one with you. (Click the link to read the full article.)

The idea is that as mothers, we need to remember to cast vision into our children's lives. Generally, we are very good at teaching and disciplining behavior, and God certainly calls us to high moral & behavioral standards. But we all know that behavior is only the reflection of the heart. And God certainly cares more about where our hearts are than what we're doing outwardly.



He has a reason for each of us to be here. Now. Where we are. Today. And that goes for our children, too. Purpose. God has plans for all of us and as parents we need to be guiding our children into those purposes the best we can. Or perhaps it's simply keeping their minds open to the idea that God has plans for them. (Because we likely don't have a clue what He has in mind!)

Sharing possibities with them. "What if God has this in mind for you?" Praying for revelation. "Lord, open my eyes to see the uniqueness and giftedness of my child. Teach me ways in which I can encourage & guide my child in those things."

One of the author's examples is practicing piano. On the surface, it's just another chore required of her daughter, but shift your way of thinking to the possibility that it could be the start of her preparation for what God will call her to do in the future. We could shift our thinking like this on many daily things. Of course, we probably shouldn't over-spiritualize everything - and I'm not sure how we find that balance.

One thing Bob and I have tried to do the past few years is write birthday letters to our kids. We jot down some of their current favorites and a few noteworthy events in their lives the past 12 months. But then I always try to recognize their uniqueness. The things I see in their personalities or abilities that are special. I try to share a thing or two that I hope for them or a short prayer or verse that I wish for them to grow into or fully realize in their lives.

In a small way, we're casting vision in these short letters each year. I'm guessing someday these little notes will become treasured possessions. And, if nothing else, they will have some good stories recorded. Like the day Kaitlyn pottied her pants and told her Papa, "That's okay, you can clean it up!"

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