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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tips for Keeping Runaway Toddlers Close By

If you're a mom, then you've had these moments...

You and the kids are in the parking lot or the store or some other public place. You turn your back for a moment or get distracted for a few seconds and turn around to see your child running off in the other direction - sometimes more than one child racing off in different directions! AHHH! Sometimes you simply set there feet on the ground and they are off!

Here's a few tips from an article in the May edition of Parents magazine. ~ Tiffany

Ask for the behavior you want
Your toddler may not realize that it's essential to stay close unless you spell it out for her. Keep your directions short and clear. You might say, "We're going to stay on the sidewalk and hold hands while we walk to the post office."

Give specific warnings
Young kids often forget safety expectations midway through an outing and take off. Instead of simply shouting "Stop!", give a concrete command identifying a specific body part or movement - such as "Thomas, stop your feet!" or "Stay on the grass!"

Create consequences
Outline what will happen if your child puts himself in danger. Remind him that he'll have to sit in the stroller or go home if he can't stay by your side. Then follow through.

Turn it into a game
Try wiggling, dancing or marching your way from one place to the next. When you make traveling from the grocery store to the pharmacy a "copy me" game, he'll be more engaged and less likely to dart.

Practice restraint
In certain situations, the best choice is to keep your child nestled in the stroller with a book to keep her occupied.

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