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Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Brunch (Morning C.L. Mtg)

"What should we do?"

That's always the question posed to the team as we plan Spring Brunch and Christmas Brunch meetings each semester. The next question is usually, "Well, do we do what we did last year? Or something different?" Or maybe that's the first question :-)

Tiffany opened with a devotion sharing the impact journaling through the Bible has had on her relationship with Christ. She was compelled to share on this topic after hearing so many of you comment on Joan W.'s time with us the week before when Joan shared on journaling. Tiffany encouraged everyone, again, to give it a try. Whether that be during their own quiet time or in a journaling group. She also shared a couple of her journaling excerpts and how God had used his Word to speak into the circumstances of her life recently.  (Isaiah 55)

Then, we moved on to the "speaker" time.

Our theme: Our Year in Review
Speakers: Ladies from the Carelink Leadership Team
Purpose: To remember & share moments that impacted our lives.

So, we turned it into a game and gave everyone a blank sheet to try to write down as many speaker topics or speakers as they could remember. Then ladies from the team came up to reveal the answers and share a tidbit that they remembered from that meeting. We opened it up at times for ladies to share their own thoughts and we finished with door prizes relating to each speaker topic - at least if we could!

Here's a short list of a few comments shared:
  • I've gotten to know more women in church through Carelink.
  • My child has glasses now, because I took him into the eye doctor after hearing the speaker on Vision Screening.
  • Angie's testimony and sharing on the book, Help Meet, reminded me that I need to lift up my husband and reinforce his role as leader in our home.
  • The parenting panel gave me permission to consider having a "no sleepover" policy for my children as they get older and also motivated me to start paying my kids for a few chores around the house and begin teaching them about money.

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