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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Ways to Play with a Flashlight

I found this article in the Parents magazine, April 2012, and thought it would be a fun thing to share here. I would be curious if you have any other "games" to play with a flashlight? Sounds like fun for a variety of ages! ~ Tiffany

Mental Map
In the dark, test the kids' memories of where things are. Say "find the fireplace" and have them shine the light on it.

Starry Night
Turn out the lights and shine a flashlight through a colander to make your own solar system.

Stomp the Dot
In dim light, have the kids run around trying to catch the beam you shine on the floor.

Puppet Parade
Search for animal silhouettes online, print onto cardstock and cut them out, and then tape each to a stick. Shine the flashlight on the puppet to create a shadow on the wall.

Guess What
Use a flashlight to "draw" a shape on the wall or ceiling. See if your kids can guess what you drew.

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