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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Words for the Wise (Evening C.L. Mtg)

Our evening meeting started with good snacks and good conversations!  This was also the night our combined Morning and Evening Carelink moms made supper for the Young Life dinner meeting at the Lady Bugg House.  A big thanks to all those moms who contributed and helped! 
I shared a devotional from Proverbs 31 on friendship, based on John 13 which commands us to love one another, as God has loved us.  Sometimes we allow our friendships to slip to last on our list of priorities.  We aren’t made to walk through life alone, and God has given us the gift of friendship, but we need to remember these relationships require love and effort and sometimes work. We need friends, and if we find ourselves short on friends, the first place to look is by becoming that friend to someone else. 
Lori Walsh was our guest speaker. She has a heart for people and loves to "love on others".  Her message for us was “Words for the Wise”.  As mothers and wives we should make an effort to choose the best words for our families.  Eternal words that last forever.  We should speak about God throughout the day.  We shouldn’t shy away from talking about spiritual things in our homes.  We should make an effort to share at least one verse and pray with our kids each day, so that we are putting the words of God in their heads and hearts. 
The next step is to eliminate "bad" words. The best place to start is by checking our sources, i.e. what are we feeding ourselves? Are our choices in music, movies, friends and television shows encouraging "bad" words? The harsh words that spew out of anger and frustration tear people down and need to go away.  What goes in our ears and eyes will come out of our mouths, so be sure what we watch and read isn’t junk!
Finally, we need to know the power of our words. We must take extra effort to add in good and encouraging words while subtracting the negative and nagging words. 
We finished the evening with good discussion in our small groups, sharing stories and advise.  We identified areas that we need to evaluate our words, check our sources and ways to make a more positive impact on our families with our powerful words. 

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