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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage God's Way (Pt. 2)

"It will require a determined heart and more than a little courage to wrench ourselves loose from the grip of our times and return to biblical ways." A.W. Tozer

Tally shared this quote during her time with us at the Women's Event Saturday night. As Christians, we see many things in our culture and recognize that they are sin. But Tally, challenged us to not be ignorant of all the other things in our culture that are "opposed to God" but because they have become so prevalent in our society we almost don't even notice them anymore.

How many of us tolerate foul language, sexual innuendo, talking down to husbands, parents portayed as idiots...(and the list goes on) in our movies, television shows and maybe even our own homes? Are these things doing anything to honor our relationship with God? To honor our marriages? To help us raise Godly kids?

Do romance novels leave you frustrated with your marriage? Do all the bikini-clad women on the Bachelor cause you to hate your body? Does the latest crime scene investigation show numb you to violence? Just saying, it's something of which we need to be aware.

"The saddest thing one meets is a nominal Christian." Amy Carmichael
Tally asked, "Who in your life do you see as being different?" What makes them different? Are you the nominal Christian who looks like everyone else on the street or one who's really living it out.


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