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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage God's Way (Pt. 1)

Saturday night, First MB Women's Ministries hosted an evening of desserts with special guest speaker, Tally Stroud. Tally shared her story of dysfunction in her family of origin that carried through to the first years of her own marriage.

"Nobody told me..." Tally said. That her mom's example of 5 husbands wasn't God's way...that marriage could be forever...that her life could be more than sex, drugs and alcohol.

Tally spoke of "not knowing any better" as a teen & young adult. Living a life of destruction while attending church somewhat regularly. Thinking she was a Christian; knowing, now, she was not. Tally looks back and begs the question, "Why didn't anyone pull me aside and say, 'God wants more for you than this.'"

I felt that was a word to all of us, "good" Christian women; who in our circles of influence needs a loving friend to encourage them to make better choices. Not a judgemental friend. Not a friend who talks behind her back. But someone willing to step into the mess and offer help.

Tally spoke about finally hitting rock bottom, later accepting Christ and over time the way God has transformed her marriage into something great.


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