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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Faith in Your Marriage

This article was emailed to me today from From Focus on the Family. Click on the link to find additional articles. ~ Tiffany

If you and your spouse find yourselves struggling to give your faith a more central role in your marriage, consider the following suggestions:

1. Start with yourself. A joint prayer and devotional life for a married couple works best when it's a natural outgrowth of each partner's personal time with God. if you haven't been praying and reading the Bible much yourself, begin doing so before moving any further.

2. Don't rush it. If you're the more interested spouse, be patient. Praying together, like any family tradition you establish, must emerge from what both partners agree to and feel at ease with.

3. Start small. Give yourselves time, and don't push it. You might begin by praying at mealtimes. Eventually, you'll feel comfortable going beyond the blessing of your food to remembering the needs of friends and family members.

4. Use the resources available. Do you know an older couple who might be able to serve as mentors or role models in this area? If so, ask them if they'd be willing to help you out. Devotional books, pamphlets and magazines can also provide structure for your prayer and study times.

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