Mom's Carelink is a ministry of First MB Church that provides encouragement, friendship and wisdom from a Biblical perspective to equip women for their role as mothers of children from birth through the school years.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Brunch (Meeting)

Spring Brunch was our final Carelink meeting of the 2010-2011 year! The year certainly flew by! Here's a photo of all the moms in attendance at our meeting on Tuesday (5/10/11).

We've gotten good response to keeping our special brunch mornings at church - more time to visit and no worries about children needing mommies that aren't at church. The big, beautiful lobby surrounding our new sanctuary has turned out to be a great place to host these events - especially on a bright spring day!

Announcements included:
Summer Activities.
Thank you to the Leadership Team for all their work!
"Coming this Fall: Evening Mom's Carelink!"

Some time was spent sharing reflections of the year and the influence Carelink has had on a few women. Let me share a few of the comments:

Becky - Shared that her Carelink small group did a book study of "CrazyLove" by Francis Chan. She was challenged in that study to really live out her faith in a more real and tangible way, as Chan writes, "true faith holds nothing back". After one meeting, she was talking with her neighbor and the conversation turned to religion. Becky suggested a neighborhood bible study and the neighbor jumped at the idea. The timing of the Carelink book study and the conversation with the neighbor couldn't have been better.

Tara - She joined Carelink five years ago and got sick with an auto-immune disease. She was so blessed by the support, care and prayers she received from the women in the group that she barely knew. Since then, her husband was laid off from Cessna and has struggled to find permanent work. He spent five months working in Pennsylvania while Tara and their daughters stayed in Wichita. This past February, on the brink of a breakdown, Tara says she "finally let go and learned that God was in control. The weight was lifted off my shoulders when I finally prayed, 'Whatever is your will, God.'" Through those difficult times, she said that Carelink was always a place to find encouragement and be uplifted.

Joyce L. - As a mentor, it's been wonderful to be connected to a younger generation of moms and see how God has gifted them. Carelink is such a great way to begin leading in small ways that may lead to bigger leadership opportunities in their futures.

Vonda - I've been able to meet so many women through Carelink over the past 11 years. I know I wouldn't know many of them otherwise.

Kristin - I've loved having our Mentor Moms. Hearing their stories and growing in friendship with them has been wonderful.

Carolyn - I was encouraged by Joyce W. sharing on life journaling and recording memories. Seeing the variety of ways we can preserve our memories encourages me to do the same.

Tiffany - I remember being given permission to truly consider staying home after my children enter school full-time because of the words I heard one mentor mom speak at our parenting panel, "If I had the chance to do something over, I would really consider staying at home even after my children were in school full-time."

Angie - Often we wish for the days when we have more time or think ahead to the future, but I know one day my children won't be underfoot any longer and I will long for these moments again.

Trish - Every season has it's blessings. We need to be able to enjoy each one.

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