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Friday, April 1, 2011

All-Group Play Date

Arrive late.

Forget...something, maybe everything but the kids.

Sleeping babies.

"Oh, don't put that in your mouth!"

Interrupted conversations ONLY.

New "ouchies".

mashed cheerios. " That's not your sippy cup!"
Time outs.

Rush off to the next appointment, that you're already late to.

What mom can live without them? :-) We had a great time at our all-group Carelink play date in late March. We had full reign of the activity center at First MB, so the children had plenty of room to run and were contained for the most part! We found some balls, lowered a basketball goal, brought in some hula hoops and a few sit & ride toddler toys.

Even though I don't doubt every one of those things I listed at the top happened at some point, I didn't list all the good things that we gain from spending time with women who know what we're going through, know where we've been or are simply interested in getting to know us. Friendship is a special blessing, for sure. I think we'll be doing it again!

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