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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A "How To" on Organization (Meeting)

Carolyn Shugart shared some tips on organization at our Mom's Carelink meeting on Tuesday (3/8/11). She began by reminding us of the organization God had when he made all of creation in Genesis 1. He had a plan and didn't try to do it all in one day. He took pleasure in what He had accomplished and rested when it was completed. I know that was quick and easy and tied up with a nice little bow, but remember, we are made in God's image and perhaps there's a little organization in all of us!

We might ask ourselves, why bother?

Ever had days when the "mess" around you has left you feeling helpless and chaotic? Ever refused to answer the door or invite a friend over because the "mess" was too embarrassing?
We don't always think of the ways clutter can negatively affect our lives. The question is: Are we willing to do something about it? Organization reduces stress, creates more time and brings order to our world. What mom (and child) wouldn't benefit from all of those things?

Carolyn gave us three general tips when it comes to organizing:attack clutter, organize the keep and maintain order.

-Identify one project
-Have some uninterrupted time (naptime, 1hr, 1/2 day)
-Have 3 containers or bags: toss, donate, keep
-Ask a friend to help
-Gather tools: bags for sorting, storage totes, bins, bags, pen, sticky notes, etc.

-Think in zones
-Your motto is "Everything has its place!"
-Store vertically when possible. Use shelving. Don't overcrowd.
-Place photo on box for blocks so kids who can't read know which box stores the blocks

-Think before you buy, "Do I really need this?"
-When you're done using something, put it back in its place.
-Schedule clutter checks (for yourself and the kids)

Carolyn had a "Saturday Box" when her kids were growing up. If she found something laying out at the end of the day, it went into the Saturday Box. No one could ever get into the Saturday Box until chores were done on Saturday. It eliminated her having to remind the kids to pick up their things.

Another great idea Carolyn shared was color-coding everything possible for each of her three children. Kristin's color was green, so that meant all of her things were green - toothbrush, towel, washcloth, cup, plate, overnight bag, backpack, etc. By doing this, it was easy to identify who's items were missing or not picked up.

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