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Monday, January 31, 2011

Strengthening Our Marriages

In connection with the post, "My Valentine Illusions", here's my quick list of things I could do for my marriage. What would you add to this list? - Tiffany

  • Daily word of encouragement (text, email, phone call, before/during/after work)
  • Daily greeting my husband at the door with a hug & kiss
  • Sunday lunch discussion about the sermon
  • Weekly "check-in" conversation (see post)
  • Commit to memorizing scripture that will encourage me to do some of these things
  • Commit to regular prayer for each other
  • Commit to show love by meeting his needs and being less selfish
  • Commit to regular sex
  • Monthly date night
  • Quick monthly budget meeting (review the finances, plan for the next month)
  • Yearly marriage conference, retreat or seminar
  • Yearly weekend or overnight getaway without the kids
  • Yearly goal-setting, planning, family vision

For a host of marriage resources and articles, check out some of these at the Focus on the Family website:

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