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Friday, January 28, 2011

Life Journaling (Meeting)

After a long Christmas break and snow cancellations, we FINALLY had our first Carelink meeting of the new year! A short devotional was shared by Tiffany from the book, "Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman's Soul".

The author encouraged women to live their lives with margin and referenced a book by Dr. Richard Swenson titled "Margin". She said our lives are like a line with 3 points: A at the beginning, B 3/4th of the way down the line and C at the end of the line. To find balance in our lives we should be living between points A & B, but too often our everyday lives require all of the line leaving us little "space" when we face the unexpected circumstances of life. So, be encouraged to live between A & B, so you have the margin in your life when you really need it!

Our Speaker: Joyce Warkentin
Our Topic: Life Journaling - Leaving Your Legacy

Joyce started journaling more than thirty years ago. She would record special activities she and her family participated in, details of a trip and sometimes her thoughts or feelings about something. Sometimes entries were made in her journal frequently and other times weeks or months would go by.
A few months ago, Joyce decided to make a collection of stories for her oldest son of his childhood. She was able to read through her journals and rediscover things they had done as a family or thoughts he had shared through letters and time together to create this special gift. Many entries had been long-forgotten by Joyce, but because of the journal, not lost.

So, Joyce shared with us some simple ways we could begin making notes for ourselves now to preserve the events in our lives, because some day, most likely all of us, will wish we had the ability to recall our pasts more clearly.

Here are a few suggestions for passing on your legacy to your children:
1- Label photos with who, what, when and where.
2- Use a file box or hanging folders to keep selected cards, letters, programs, artwork, school records for each family member.

3- Keep a record of each family member's health history, sicknesses and immunizations.

4- Write in a notebook or journal 1, 2, 3 times a week: what you did, where you were, conversation with a friend, your feelings about an incident, a confrontation with a child, your successes/failures/dreams/walk with God.

5- Write a letter of blessing to your children on their birthday.

6- Write a couple sentences about an everyday event, cute conversation, steps of faith or anything with details that you will likely forget. Be sure to date it.
7- Talk to your parents or older relatives about their lives and take notes.
8- Cook something from your tradition with your children.
9- Use dinner table time to talk about your family, faith, choices, family history and traditions. These stories become a part of your children's heritage.
10 -Ultimately, your goal is to raise Christian children, not just children. Family devotions, memorizing verses together and daily talk about Jesus will build that foundation.

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