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Friday, January 14, 2011

Prayer Box


Have you found yourself jotting prayer requests on a napkin, scratching names on a scrap of paper having good intentions to pray for them? The notes soon disappear, the requests or names are soon forgotten. What if you saved those notes and placed them in a safe place, perhaps a little basket or folder. ASAP you would write each name and each request in that basket on a 3x5 card and place them in your prayer file. Here is how it works.

  1. Purchase colored & white 3x5 index cards, blank dividers and a file box. Number the dividers from 1 – 31 (one for each day of the month).
  2. Now on a separate piece of paper make a list categories of people that you desire to pray for: family, relatives, church needs, missionaries, personal, teachers, city and country leaders, the world, etc.
  3. Each category is written on a different colored card. On the top line of your card write a name, event, etc. and the date.
  4. Now write out a specific prayer request on each card and the date. You may have 10 cards for self, 5 for each child, or you may place several requests on each card. Be creative, style it the way you prefer. You may want to add a scripture to help you pray.
  5. Save the back of each card for answers and praises – place a date by answers.
  6. Now you are ready to place each card behind a different day of the month in your file box. You could have one or several cards behind each day. Mix categories behind days as you like.
  7. Each day you will be praying for the people you placed in your file for that day of the month (1-31). Each day move the day & cards to the back of the box, so that tomorrow’s date is now in front. If you would like to pray for someone daily, keep the card at the front. If once a week, move it back seven days. If you miss days, don't worry about it, move the cards to the back.

FIND JOY IN PRAYING! It takes time to set up your file box but it can be a handy tool once completed. Of course it will never be finished for you will be pruning and adding all through the years. Submitted by Joyce Loewen

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