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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Well Do You Know the Christmas Story?

1-Which Gospels speak of the events surrounding Christ's birth?
a-Matthew & Luke
b-Luke only
c-Mathew, Mark, Luke & John

2-How many magi visit Christ after his birth, according to the Bible?
b-an undisclosed number

3-Where is Christ when the magi come to visit Him?
a-in a house
b-in the manger
c-in the temple

4-In a dream, an angel tells Joseph to name his child Jesus, for it was prophesied that a virgin would give birth and call her sone Immanuel. What does Immanuel mean?
a-God with us
b-God is born
c-Jesus saves

5-How much younger was Jesus than his cousin John the Baptist?
a-one year
b-twelve days
c-six months

6-Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem, according to the Gospel of Luke?
a-his father went to Bethlehem for a census
b-that's where both his parents lived
c-his mother went to visit Elizabeth

7-Christ was laid in a manger. What is a manger?
a-a barn
b-a feeding trough
c-a cave

8-The Bible tells us Christ was born in December.

9-How do the shepherds learn of Christ's birth?
a-they see a new star in the sky
b-the magi tell them
c-an angel appears to them

10-When was Christ circumcised?
a-at eight days old
b-at 13 years old
c-at birth

For the full quiz and detailed answers go to Here's a link to this specific quiz:

1-A 6-A
2-B 7-B
3-A 8-B
4-A 9-C
5-C 10-A

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