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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Safety First (Meeting)

Officer Kimrey and Officer Long spoke about safety issues at Mom's Carelink on November 23, 2010. Both are assigned to the Community Policing unit in the Patrol West Bureau of Wichita. They shared a variety of safety tips including burn safety, theft, drownings, child safety and shopping tips. Here is a smattering of things they shared.

1-park in good light
2-pay attention to your surroundings
3-don't park next to a car with someone sitting in it
4-act confident and purposeful; say hello to passersby
5-don't leave your purse in cart as you unload bags
6-reach into your trunk from the side of your car instead of straight in
7-carry money in several places on your person; avoid having all your money stolen at once
8-don't wear your purse over your neck, but rather across your body (sling like)
1-keep outdoor lights on at home at night
2-always take valuables and your CAR KEYS out of your car (even if parked in the garage)
3-don't leave your front door open and leave the room or go out back - too easy for someone to step inside
4-don't allow people inside your home to make a call - instead ask for the number and make it for them
5-make photo copy of credit cards and important docs in your purse
never leave children unattended in the bathtub. Have gates on pools and alarms on the gates because kids do learn how to scale the fences. There are growing accident statistics involving small children falling into toilets and mop buckets and drowning.
Teach children their names as early as possible, so they can tell someone their name if they get lost. Complete a Child Forensics Kit (pamphlet of information) for each child and keep with you because it will contain all the information needed to file a missing child report. Teach children to find a uniformed officer or identify an employee of the business to go to if they get lost or separated from you.

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