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Monday, November 1, 2010

God's Story & My Story

I have to say that I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of Lysa TerKeurst. I receive her daily blog posts and wanted to pass this one along. I like this post so much because I've said things so similar to that of Lysa's high school friend in her story. Click this link to read her blog post from today (11/1/10).

I (Tiffany) spent three years in a Christian college with Christian roommates, Christian teammates and Christian classes and never considered my need for a personal relationship with Jesus. It was not until a guy I had started dating asked me what I thought of Jesus and if I had ever asked him into my heart, that I ever considered the fact that I was living my life without Him.

He didn't recite verses or pull out the Romans Road to Salvation, he simply shared what it meant to him to be a Christian and why that was important to him. It's true, we all have stories to tell of ways God has undeniably moved in our lives, whether it's your salvation story, a crisis, times of loss, health issues, etc. If you cannot think of any, then ask God to show you.

Thankfully, we don't have to be Bible scholars to share what God has done in us, through us and for us. I hope Lysa's story will encourage you to share the story of God that He has woven through the tapestry of your own life!

I would love to talk to any of you who may have questions about the Christian faith, want to pray, or ask Christ into your life. Email me. Call me. Catch me at one of our meetings.

Lysa TerKeurst's website:

BTW, the guy I was dating later became my husband :-) - Tiffany Dick

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the kind encouragement Tiffany. Your blog really touched my heart today! I'm so glad that boy was brave and shared with you.

    How cool he turned out to be your future husband.