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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oodles of Papers

We all have the same problem once our kids get to be school-age: What do we do with all those papers that come home each day? Here are a few tips from Jill Savage of Hearts at Home.

*When trying to decide what cute art papers to save, anything that has your child's picture on it or has been created using a handprint or footprint takes priority.

*Put school papers in a hanging file or stackable tray each day and empty the file (into the waste basket) each Monday.

*Keep a 9x12 envelope addressed to each set of grandparents. Put papers in the envelope and once a month mail them. Grandparents will love staying involved in the children's daily lives.

*When the kids come home after school immediately ask for papers. Fill out permission slips and attach checks and put them back in their school bag for the next day.

*Transfer dates & pertinent information for activities to your family planner or calendar then throw away newsletters and information pages.

*Have a place to put papers that you have looked at but that dad still needs to see. Make sure dad knows where they are and that he can throw them away once he's looked at them.

I'm curious...what tips and tricks have you heard of or tried out yourself? Leave a comment and share those wonderful ideas with the rest of us! Tiffany

1 comment:

  1. I borrowed this idea from a friend. I scan and date artwork and keep it in a folder with photos. Then someday when I have time to scrapbook, I can print the artwork (any size) with all my photos and include them in the scrapbook.